Project information

Work was done on every part of the Turkuazi project, we started with the logo, then the website and Posts on the social media, and than creation of video advertising campaigns.

Logo Design

The colors of the logo have been carefully chosen and an Arabic version of it has been created as well

Social Media Posts

A number of simple images have been created in which the products are displayed on the site and direct customers to the site to purchase these products

Campaign Videos

Several advertising videos were created and more than one audience was targeted through them and with several offers

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E-commerce Website

Work has been done with great accuracy on the mobile version and on the computer version, each separately, so that the customer has easy access to all products with advanced search settings, creating offers with discount codes and much more.

Mobile Responsive

The menu bar at the bottom has been worked on to help the search process better. This enables the user to work on the site as a mobile application


Advertisement Video

patient experience

promo video

Stem Cell

Video Explainer

Dr Cases

explainer video

MedNice clinic

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